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Weed control membrane1x15



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Winfaith Garden Weed Membrane 100g / m² – Black Polypropylene – Permeable Tear Resistant Protects from UV Rays – Greenhouses Lawns Paths – 1m x 15m Folded

🌱 Are you looking for a sheet that will allow you to get rid of those pesky weeds that keep coming up? Winfaith has the right article for your needs. Mulching sheet 100 g / m² against weeds with excellent durability. Choose the most suitable size for you from those listed.

Extremely resistant tarpaulin made of high-quality polypropylene fibres, which do not allow the tarpaulin to tear during fixing. It also features UV-stability, which further strengthens the material! This also allows not only bark but also heavy gravel to be placed on top.

🏡 Where can you use it? In gardens, yards, flowerbeds, vegetable gardens and greenhouses. Excellent for irrigation, for fixing artificial grass, for stone or gravel paths and for protecting road surfaces.

✅ Easy to install in just a few steps. Check the ground, pull up weeds, level the ground, place the sheet in the required area, cut it if necessary, fix it with stakes (you can find high quality stakes in our store) and the job is done. Simple to use, no need for forced professional intervention.

💦 Is it permeable? Yes, the woven structure of the fabric blocks sunlight preventing the formation of weeds, but does not prevent the passage of water, air and nutrients.

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